Study Hacks, Tips And Tricks For An Organized And Effective Study Habits


Study Hacks

Are you finding it hard to stay focused on your studies and need some tips and tricks to help you stay motivated? If so, below are several study hacks that can get you on track, organized and more efficient in your studies.


Study Schedule

Establish a schedule and stick to it. Having a routine in place will be helpful in staying focused and on track.

Break Down Tasks

Break down your tasks into smaller chunks and give yourself a timeline to complete them. There’s a saying that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. Take it step by step and make sure to reward yourself with a break or even a snack once you’ve accomplished your goal.

Your Study Oasis

Another study hack is to find or create a study space that you can use every time you are studying. It does not have to be fancy but rather an area or space where you feel relaxed and comfortable. It should be an area that is free of distractions and has all the things you need to study. This could include your laptop, textbooks, notes, and other materials. Having a designated study space will help you stay focused, motivated and sets you in a study mood. With that said, individual habits vary, and human nature is susceptible to boredom so, you can alter your location from time to time if you sense some monotony.

Read Review Repeat (RRR)

One very effective hack is the concept of Read Review Repeat (RRR). This is a powerful one because it allows the information to be stamped into your memory. The frequency of review depends on each individual and the concept does not mean memorization. However, going over the material as many times as possible will certainly make it easy for you to recall the information when needed.

Relax and Be Present

Make time for breaks and some needed relaxation. It could mean taking a brief walk, some stretches, yoga, meditation listening to your favorite music. Check out some relaxation or meditation apps like Calm or Headspace. Taking some time to be mindful and centered can rejuvenate your entire system so that you can be more effective when you get back to your studies.


From time to time, you should evaluate how much you have absorbed the materials by testing yourself.

Go Over the Material with Someone Else

If possible, teach the topic to another person and see how effectively you are able to discuss the materials with them. This is a great study hack because knowing you need to teach or discuss the material with someone else will certainly be a motivating factor to make sure you are up and ready when the time comes.


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