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Rebel Thunder (Mage Knight, Bk. 1)

Rebel Thunder (Mage Knight, Bk. 1) | 9780345459688

Rebel Thunder (Mage Knight, Bk. 1) Inspired by the award-winning game, here is a spellbinding tale of intrigue, mystery, and betrayal among warlords, mages, and revolutionaries that sweeps from battlefield to throne room. . . .MAGE KNIGHT: REBEL THUNDERAtlantis—a floating city five hundred feet in the air—is suspended by the force of the magical Magestone. But its power comes at a price. The precious gems must be strip-mined from the earth by human and Dwarven slaves under the ruthless command of Atlantean overseers.Sarah Ythlim, head of the Black Powder Rebels, is a woman with only one thing on her mind: the destruction of the Atlantean Empire. In secret, she plots with her cohorts to introduce a new weapon to the fight: gunpowder. Blaize is an elite Guardsman who lives to serve the Atlantean government. When his superiors discover that a rebel group plans to attack the empire, Blaize is ordered to act as a spy. But during his covert assignment, Blaize discovers that the lines between good and evil are often blurred. Now he must decide where his allegiances lie. . . .[WIZKIDS LOGO]WWW.MAGEKNIGHT.COMIncludes an exciting new Mage Knight game scenario
ISBN: 9780345459688.

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