Price Comparison: Jack Daniel's Bottle Collector's Guide - Volume 1

Jack Daniel's Bottle Collector's Guide - Volume 1

Jack Daniel's Bottle Collector's Guide - Volume 1 | 9780578090696

Jack Daniel's Bottle Collector's Guide - Volume 1 More than just a maker of fine Tennessee Whiskey, Jack Daniel was a risk-taker and a man willing to venture outside the lines of conventional thinking. This was, perhaps, most apparent in his 1895 decision to sell whiskey in a square bottle, a look that is now iconic in the world of whiskey. From his humble beginnings in Lynchburg, Tennessee, Jack's drive and commitment to quality helped shape the Jack Daniel Distillery into the multi-million dollar corporation it is today. The ultimate guide for Jack Daniel's collectors and enthusiasts, this book provides an overview and history of Jack Daniel's family of whiskeys and the many commemorative bottles released by the Distillery over the last 40 years (1971 through 2011). Fascinating information is also presented about Jack Daniel, his Distillery at the Cave Spring Hollow in Lynchburg, and the whiskey-making process that occurs there. With detailed bottle descriptions and more than 50 color photos, this resource provides insight into the rich history of the Jack Daniel Distillery and its tradition of making the finest of whiskeys.
ISBN: 9780578090696.

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