Price Comparison: Inside 2014 Fundamentals: Student Book, Volume 1

Inside 2014 Fundamentals: Student Book, Volume 1

Inside 2014 Fundamentals: Student Book, Volume 1 | 9781285439426

Inside 2014 Fundamentals: Student Book, Volume 1 Inside is an intensive reading program for middle school students. The program is built to help all students achieve success on the Common Core with National Geographic content paired with multicultural literature using either a digital or print pathway. Inside is structured around five levels: Fundamentals Volume 1, Fundamentals Volume 2, Level A, Level B, and Level C. The fundamental levels incorporate the basics of reading, language, and writing, whereas Levels A, B, and C provide more in depth coverage of literacy and language. At any level your students will be exposed to three types of age appropriate texts: instructional, complex, and independent. A balance of informational texts and literature are provided throughout the program. Students are engaged with paired selections from a wide variety of genres including: National Geographic articles, narrative nonfiction, expository texts, digital genres, arguments, contemporary literature, and classics. The program also features Common Core exemplars as well as multicultural characters and authors. With intense, scaffolded and differentiated instruction, age-appropriate leveled texts and engaging literature, and an exciting digital pathway, Inside will meet the needs of today's middle school students.
ISBN: 9781285439426.

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