Price Comparison: Leviathan (with an Introduction by Herbert W. Schneider)

Leviathan (with an Introduction by Herbert W. Schneider)

Leviathan (with an Introduction by Herbert W. Schneider) | 9781420956078

Leviathan (with an Introduction by Herbert W. Schneider) First published in 1651, “Leviathan” is Thomas Hobbes’ work of political philosophy in which he outlines his theories on an ideal state and its creation. Written in the middle of the 17th century during the English Civil War, Hobbes’ argues that a strong central government with an absolute sovereign was necessary to bring about an ordered society. Given the tumultuous events of English society at the time of the writing of “Leviathan” it is clear to see the motivations for Hobbes’ insistence on a strong central government in the face of the chaos caused by social and political upheaval. Hobbes believed that the prospect of peace that this type of system would provide was worth giving up some of the natural freedoms of man. “Leviathan”, whose title is a reference to a biblical monster, is divided into the following four parts: Part I: Of Man, Part II: Of Common-wealth, Part III: Of a Christian Common-wealth, and Part IV: Of the Kingdom of Darkness. In the first part Hobbes gives an account of human nature which forms the basis for his subsequent prescriptions regarding the establishment of an ordered commonwealth. Considered by some to be among the greatest works of political philosophy ever written, the influence of “Leviathan” on modern political theory cannot be overstated. This edition is printed on premium acid-free paper and includes an introduction by Herbert W. Schneider.
ISBN: 9781420956078.

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