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To Kill a Mockingbird [Library Binding]

To Kill a Mockingbird [Library Binding] | 9781439550410

To Kill a Mockingbird [Library Binding] Fine condition.Paw Prints,2008.Library Binding. Small format hardback in fine condition, no Dj as issued.The book is new with two small ink marks on the outer edges of the pages, two very small tears on the edges of the pages.376pp. This is another paragraph Book Description: 'Shoot all the Bluejays you want, if you can hit 'em, but remember it's a sin to kill a Mockingbird.'A lawyer's advice to his children as he defends the real mockingbird of Harper Lee's classic novel - a black man charged with the rape of a white girl. Through the young eyes of Scout and Jem Finch, Harper Lee explores with exuberant humour the irrationality of adult attitudes to race and class in the Deep South of the thirties. The conscience of a town steeped in prejudice, violence and hypocrisy is pricked by the stamina of one man's struggle for justice. But the weight of history will only tolerate so much-
ISBN: 9781439550410.

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