Price Comparison: Black City (Ulysses Vidal Adventure Series)

Black City (Ulysses Vidal Adventure Series)

Black City (Ulysses Vidal Adventure Series) | 9781519410931

Black City (Ulysses Vidal Adventure Series) An ancient mistery. An impossible place. An unimaginable adventure. Professor Castillo’s daughter has mysteriously disappeared in the Amazon jungle. Determined to find her, he begs Ulysses and Cassie to go with him. Unable to dissuade him and not wanting him to go on his own, they both accept to help their old friend in his crazy attempt at her rescue. The three embark on an incredible journey to a place which should not exist. A journey nobody has ever returned from. Author’s Note: Black City is a new adventure of Ulysses, Cassie, and Doc Castillo, the three protagonists of the international bestseller The Last Crypt. Although The Last Crypt chronologically precedes Black City, they are two separate novels, completely independent, and may be read in any order
ISBN: 9781519410931.

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