Price Comparison: 15-Minute Painting: Effortless Watercolor (Paperback)

15-Minute Painting: Effortless Watercolor (Paperback)

15-Minute Painting: Effortless Watercolor (Paperback) | 9781600589249

15-Minute Painting: Effortless Watercolor (Paperback) Paperback. Learn to create simple, colorful works of art using easy, step-by-step watercolor painting techniques that require minimal time, effort, and only the most basic supplies. An ideal "first book" for absolute beginners, Effortless Watercolor (15-Minute Painting) uses large brushstrokes and minimal, colorful palettes to help budding artists create light, carefree paintings in practically no time at all. After a quick overview of the basic tools and materials, including papers, brushes, and paints, and a brief introduction to choosing and mixing colors, Effortless Watercolor demonstrates how to use just a few brushstrokes to create lively works of art in a simple, modern style.From vibrant birds and florals to expressive landscapes and still lifes, follow along with these step-by-step projects to create quick-and-easy masterpieces-a perfect formula for artists just getting started. Effortless Watercolor provides a unique introduction to watercolor painting, from choosing the right brushes and paints to creating inspired works of art using easy painting techniques-no experience required.Books in the 15-Minute Series are perfect primers for beginning artists who want to learn the basics. Designed to be used as artist notebooks, these interactive workbooks include prompts and exercises that allow beginning artists to test out their skills directly inside the book. Effortless Watercolor (15-Minute Painting) allows artists to create simple, accessible watercolor paintings with easy, step-by-step techniques and just a few brushes and paints-a perfect choice for the absolute beginner. Shipping may be from multiple locations in the US or from the UK, depending on stock availability.
ISBN: 9781600589249.

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